Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Notes on Self-Service ID

  • The Self-Service User ID is generate automatically once the primary extension is assigned to the End User
    • The Primary extension can be assigned manually, using LDAP or using BAT
    • For LDAP Self-Service IDs it will be generated during the 1st LDAP sync (not on LDAP update)
  • Self-Service ID will be generated only if the user doesn't have one
  • For upgrades from Pre-10.x to 10.x, Self-Service ID will be generated for users with Primary Extensions
  • When same DN is assigned to multiple partitions and to multiple users as primary extension, Self-Service ID will be made unique by prefixing a code of *01, *02, etc
  • You can change the Self-Service ID, manually from End User configuration page

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