Sunday, 29 November 2015

EMCC Configuration File/Parameters

Since the phone configuration doesn't exist in HC, phone parameters will be obtained as follow:

  • Common Device Configuration & Common Phone Profile - Bulk Administration => EMCC => EMCC Template
  • Region settings (codec selection) - Advanced features => EMCC => EMCC Feature Configuration
    1. EMCC Region settings override normal region configuration
    2. All EMCC Region parameters MUST be configured with same values in ALL clusters. If they are different, RSVP Agent for that cluster will be disabled by Remote Cluster Update operation
  • EMCC Roaming Device Pool - Determined via Geolocations & EMCC Geolocation Filter
    1. HC configures at least one Roaming DP per remote cluster. Each DP uses distinct geolocation characterizing that cluster
    2. Phones enabled for EMCC in VC must have be assigned a Geolocation at Device Pool or Phone Device level
    3. Login process sends phone’s Geolocation from VC to HC
    4. Phone’s Geolocation is filtered by ‘EMCC Geolocation Filter’ on HC (Advanced features => EMCC => EMCC Feature Configuration)
    5. Using filtered geolocation, HC finds the most suitable DP for roaming DP
    6. HC uses Roaming DP to build EMCC Phone configuration in database
  • Phone Parameters (date-time group, Adjunct CSS, CUCM-Group, etc) - EMCC Roaming Device Pool

Note: If Roaming DP isn't present in HC, VC Phone will inherit UDP DP configured in HC

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