Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Configuring Directory URI Dialing for Cisco Jabber

Step-1 Associate URIs to DNs. This can be done automatically or manual
Note: You can create up to 5 directory URIs per user and nominate a primary one.

a. Automatically Populate Directory Numbers with URIs - Manual User Creation
When create end users in CUCM, you can associate devices to them as well as primary extensions. Also, you can populate directory URI field for end users. Configuring directory URI for end user with primary extension associated will populate the directory URI field for this DN automatically

The directory URI in the DN will be automatically assigned to 'Directory URI' partition. This partition is automatically created by CUCM and can't be modified or deleted. 'Directory URI' partition created by CUCM and assigned automatically to directory URIs is an alias and the actual partition mapped to it is controlled by the enterprise service parameter 'Directory URI Alias Partition'

The calling party CSS should include 'Directory URI Alias Partition' to be able to dial directory URIs

b. Automatically Populate Directory Numbers with URIs - LDAP Integration 
In this case, end users will be synchronized from LDAP server with 'directory URI' field pre-filled with LDAP attribute. Once you assign primary extensions to synchronized end users, 'directory URI' for DNs will be automatically populated.

Directory URI field can be filled with 'mail' LDAP attribute or 'msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress' LDAP attribute
c. Manually create directory URIs in DNs 
In this case, as a part of creating DNs, you can assign directory URI to the DN along with respective partition. Calling parties should contain 'directory URI' PT in their CSSes.

Step-2 Add a valid Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) into the enterprise service parameter “Clusterwide Domain Configuration

Step-3 Enable FQDN in SIP Requests for Contact Resolution - Device > Device Settings > SIP Profile > Use Fully Qualified Domain Name in SIP Requests 

Step-4 Enable Directory URI in Jabber Client XML file - true

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