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CME Integration with CUE

Step 1 Activate the network connectivity to CUE from the CME router.

int ISM0/0
 ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0.34
 service-module ip address 10.34.x.251
 service-module ip default-gateway 10.34.x.1
 no shut
ip route 10.34.x.251 ism0/0

Note: For 'ip unnumbered' command to work, you need to make sure that 'proxy-arp' is enabled on the original interface.

Step 2 Configure a dial-peer on the CME router for CME phones to call voicemail number. CUE interface with CME is using SIP protocol only whether you are using SCCP or SIP CME.

dial-peer voice 780 voip
 description **** VOICEMAIL DIAL PEER ****
 destination-pattern xxxyyy
 session protocol sipv2
 session target ipv4:10.34.x.251
 codec g711ulaw
 voice-class sip transport switch udp tcp
 voice-class sip bind control source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0.34
 voice-class sip bind media source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0.34
 dtmf-relay sip-notify rtp-nte
 ip qos dscp cs3 signaling

CUE supports G711ulaw codec only. In case the dial-peer is using other codec, the CME will invoke a transcoder else the call will fail.

Step 3 Configure Voicemail access on Voicemail button.

voice register global
 voicemail 5222121
 voicemail 5222121

Step 4 Configure Call forwarding on directory numbers to voicemail

voice register dn  1
 call-forward b2bua busy xxxyyy
 call-forward b2bua noan xxxyyy timeout 30
 call-forward b2bua unregistered xxxyyy
ephone-dn 11
 call-forward busy xxxyyy
 call-forward noan xxxyyy time 10
 call-forward unregistered xxxyyy

Step 5 Configure MWI. We will cover this is separate section

Step 6 Configure voicemail application on CUE

Remote connectivity (SSH/Telnet) to CUE module can't be established. You need to console to the CUE module from the router. The credentials of the CUE module will be same as the router (AAA or Local).

service-module ism 0/0 session

On CUE, here is the configuration:

ccn application voicemail
 description "Cisco Voicemail"
 maxsessions 4   !!!... Max simultaneous sessions.

Step 7 Configure Auto-Attendant Application

ccn application autoattendant
 description "Cisco Auto-Attendant"
 maxsessions 4
 parameter "operExtn" "1001"

Step 8 Configure SIP Triggers for applications

ccn trigger sip phonenumber 2000
 application voicemail
 maxsessions 4
ccn trigger sip phonenumber 2001
 application autoattendant
 maxsessions 4

Step 9 Create Users

username John create
username John phonenumber 1002
Note: An administrator user is created by default when you first access CUE and cannot be assigned a voice mailbox.

Step 10 Create Mailboxes

voice mailbox owner John
 description "John's Mailbox"
 expiration time 10
 mailboxsize 300
 messagesize 120
Note: Not all the subscribers or extensions require a voice mailbox such as an administrator user.

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