Sunday, 5 April 2015

MultiCast MoH Bugs

During my testing I faced the following bugs and would like to share them.

Multicast MOH reversing G729 codec to G711 codecs - media resource issue
CSCum06291 - CUCM 9.1(2.11002.1)

Symptom: Multicast MOH is using G729 codec instead of G711 codec even though the region mapping between the 2 regions is set to 64kbps

c2951-router-02#show call active voice br calling-number 0561776201

Telephony call-legs: 1
SIP call-legs: 1
H323 call-legs: 0
Call agent controlled call-legs: 0
SCCP call-legs: 0
Multicast call-legs: 0
Total call-legs: 2
21F2 : 21969 1863809730ms.1 (09:19:49.616 UAE Sun Apr 5 2015) +1760 pid:4 Answer 0561776201 active
 dur 00:02:15 tx:3905/655128 rx:4302/326280 dscp:0 media:0 audio tos:0x0 video tos:0x0
 Tele 0/0/0:15 (21969) [0/0/0.2] tx:57380/51720/0ms g729r8 noise:-46 acom:3  i/0:-42/-64 dBm

21F2 : 21970 1863809730ms.2 (09:19:49.616 UAE Sun Apr 5 2015) +1750 pid:3401 Originate 5814474 connected
 dur 00:02:15 tx:1716/274560 rx:3905/623888 dscp:0 media:0 audio tos:0xB8 video tos:0x0
 IP SRTP: off rtt:1ms pl:77530/40ms lost:0/0/1 delay:55/55/65ms g729r8 TextRelay: off Transcoded: No
 media inactive detected:n media contrl rcvd:n/a timestamp:n/a
 long duration call detected:n long duration call duration:n/a timestamp:n/a
 LostPacketRate:0.00 OutOfOrderRate:0.00

Cisco Bug: CSCur40004 - Need to support Multicast Music on Hold for Jabber clients

Cisco Jabber for Windows

Symptom: Jabber clients do not support Multi cast MOH (MMOH)

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