Saturday, 10 January 2015

CUC 9.x: Mailbox Stores

On installation, CUC will create the following:

  • A directory database for system configuration information (user data, templates, classes of service, and so on).
  • A mailbox store database for information on voice messages (who each message was sent to, when it was sent, the location of the WAV file on the hard disk, and so on).
  • An operating-system directory for voice message WAV files.

Administrator can create up to four mailbox stores. Each additional mailbox store will create:

  • Another mailbox-store database for information on voice messages that are saved in that mailbox store
  • Another operating-system directory for the voice message WAV files and other message attachments saved in that mailbox store

Note: Although there is one mailbox-store database for each mailbox store, there is only one directory database for the entire system.

To create new mailbox store:

  1. Sign in to Cisco Unity Connection Administration as a user that has the System Administrator role.
  2. Expand Message Storage , then select Mailbox Stores. Select Add New .
  3. On the New Mailbox Store page, enter settings as applicable.

Note: If the mailbox store is disabled, administrators won't be able to create new users on this mailbox.

When moving mailboxes between mailbox stores, note the following:
  • When a mailbox is moved to another message store, the MWI status is retained.
  • When clustering is configured, you must sign in to the server whose server status is primary to move mailboxes.
  • Moving a mailbox fails if:
    • The administrator currently signed in to Cisco Unity Connection Administration is not authorized to move a mailbox.
    • The source or target mailbox store is disabled because, for example, the mailbox store is being backed up.
    • The mailbox is disabled.
    • The user whose mailbox you are moving is a system user. System mailboxes cannot be moved out of the default mailbox store, UnityMbxDb1.

Why do you think you will need an additional mailbox store?

For me the answer is to complete the backup jobs during the specified period. If you have single mailbox store with huge size, you won't be able to complete the backup job during short time period (which is ideally non-business hours).

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