Wednesday, 10 December 2014

CUC 9.x: Phone View Feature

The Phone View feature allows users to see search results on the LCD screens of their Cisco IP phones when they use the Find Message or the Display Message menu. When Phone View is enabled, Connection users can search for the following types of voice messages:

  • All new messages
  • All messages
  • Messages from a particular user
  • Messages from all outside callers
  • Messages from a particular outside caller

Note: Phone View works only with Cisco Unified Communications Manager phone systems, and only with certain Cisco IP phones

To configure Phone View feature:

CUCM Configuration

  1. Add new application user, e.g. PhoneViewUser.
  2. Add all the phones which should use phoneview to the controlled devices list of the application user.
  3. Assign Standard CCM Admin Users permission to the application user.
  4. Select Edit Credentials, and confirm that the User Must Change at Next Sign-In check box is not checked

CUC Configuration

  1. Navigate to CUCM Phone System
  2. Enable PhoneView and Enter the application user username/password in the CTI fields.
  3. Select the user which should use phoneview, go to Edit > Phone Menu and enable Phone View under Finding Messages with Message Locator. The same option can be configured under User Templates.

To test PhoneView, from the user which has new voice mails, dial into the CUC Voicemail pilot from the phone which has the voice mail account created (MWI should be lit) and sign-in using the appropriate PIN. Select option “5″ and option “4″ to display all new messages. The screen of the IP Phone should display all voicemails for this particular user. Select the appropriate message to be played.

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