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CUC 9.x: Manage Recordings and Greetings

CUC provide recording capabilities for names on Users, Call Handlers, System Distribution Lists; and for greetings on Users and Call Handlers. There are two recording mechanisms which are Media Servers and Greeting Administrator.

Media Master

Media Master can be accessed in any CUC administration page which has recording capability. It offers two ways of interaction which are Phone or Computer (source of recording and playback).

In case phone is selected the user needs to designate an extension number which will be dialed by CUC Media Master (by default the user/handler primary extension is used). Once the user answers the call, the recording or playback starts based on the selected option. Also, at least one voice port should be enabled for TRaP capability. If computer was selected, the recording and playback takes place using mic and speakers.

Additionally, you can upload the recordings to Media Master server using options menu.

Media Master records WAV files with G711 codec. You can save the recorded file to the local computer.
Greeting Administrator

The Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator allows you to manage Call Handler greetings from any phone. Note: It can't manage User Greetings, Only Call handler greetings.

To Use the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator to Manage Call Handler Greetings:
  1. On the phone, dial the phone number for access to the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator.
  2. At the prompt, enter the ID of the call handler owner, and press # .
  3. At the prompt, enter the password of the call handler owner, and press # .
  4. At the prompt, enter the extension of the call handler you want to manage, and press # .

There are two ways to setup Greeting Administrator

  1. Using One-Key Dial
    1. From Opening Greeting Call Handler select Edit > Caller Input.
    2. Select any of the keys that you want to map to Greeting Administrator.
    3. Point the key to Greeting Administrator Conversation. Optionally you can lock the key as well.
  2. Using Call Routing Rule
    1. Create new Direct Dial rule matching greeting administrator called number and pointing to Greeting Administrator Conversation
    2. Browse to call handlers which needs to be managed by Greeting Administrator and select Edit > Call Hander Owners.
    3. Assign users to Call Handler Owners. These users are having authority to modify the greetings of the call handler
    4. On Call Handler Basics page, assign an extension to the call handler. This will be used by administrators to select the call handler which they want to modify.

Below are the types of greetings used in CUC and there precedence level:

Greeting Type
Greeting Override
Overrides all other greetings
Useful for special situations like out of office for an extended period of time. It has to be enabled manually
Overrides standard, internal, closed, and holiday greetings
Plays when the target’s extension is busy.
Plays when a caller enters invalid digits in a call handler/mailbox.
Overrides standard, closed, and holiday greetings
This greeting is for internal callers and tends to be more informal or adds information that only internal callers need to know like, “I am in the Sales Meeting in Room 1776 today.”
Overrides standard greeting
Plays when the business is closed according to the active schedule.
Plays when not overridden by another greeting.
Overrides the standard and closed greeting
Plays when the business is closed for a holiday as specified in the active schedule’s holiday dates.

Custom Recording

CUC allows you to play the customized recordings after a message is sent or after a greeting is played. The 'Play After Message Recording' and 'Post Greeting Recording' options can be set for the following:

  • Users
  • User Templates
  • System Call Handlers
  • Call Handler Templates

To create new custom recording:

  1. In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand Call Management, select Custom Recordings, then Add New.
  2. Enter the name of the recording and Save.
  3. Select the Language in which you want to record and select Play/Record.
  4. When you are finished with the recording on the Edit Custom Recordings page, select Save .

To assign custom recording after message is sent:

  1. Select X > Edit > Message Settings
  2. Under Play After Message Recording section, select Play Recording and select the custom recording.

To assign custom recording after greeting is played:

  1. Select X > Edit > Post Greeting Recording
  2. Select the mode of Post Greeting Recording and the custom recording.

X can be any User, User Template, System Call Handler, Call Handler Template.


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