Monday, 27 August 2012

CME Night-Service & Time of Day Routing

Night Service

Night service feature allow CME admin to define time periods which are considered as night service hours.  The phones which are participating in night service feature will receive special ringing tone during night service hours.
Optionally, you can configure night service override code. This will allow phone user to toggle night service off during night service hours, i.e. the phone will receive traditional ringing tone.

Note: Entering override code at ephone participating in night service will toggle the service for all participating ephones NOT only the ephone where code is entered.

TIP: Night service ringing tone will be in the form of burst sent to the phone every 12 sec till the call is answered or aborted.

Note: When configuring the override code, it must start with an asterisk (*)

Configuration Template

 night-service day day start-time stop-time
 night-service date month date start-time stop-time
 night-service everyday start-time stop-time
 night-service weekday start-time stop-time
 night-service weekend start-time stop-time
 night-service code digit-string
 timeouts night-service-bell seconds
ephone-dn dn-tag
 night-service bell
ephone phone-tag
 night-service bell

Note: Assume that you defined night-service hours from 17:00 to 07:59. When the end time is smaller than the start time, the system automatically counts that time for the next day. So the command 'night-service day Mon 17:00 07:59 means the night-service hours start from Monday 17:00 hrs and ends on Tuesday 07:59 hours.

Time of Day Routing

There is no start forward method to achieve ToD routing in CME similar to CUCM. However, there are different workarounds to achieve it. I liked doing it as per Cisco Support Forum Docs using Night-Service and summarized step-by-step below.

1. Define Night-Service time slots

 night-service day Sun 08:00 07:59
 night-service day Mon 17:00 07:59
 night-service day Tue 17:00 07:59
 night-service day Wed 17:00 07:59
 night-service day Thu 17:00 07:59
 night-service day Fri 17:00 07:59
 night-service day Sat 08:00 07:59

2. Configure call-forward night-service command under the ephone-dn.

ephone-dn 19
 number 8500
 label Front Desk
 name Front Desk
 call-forward busy 9201
 call-foward noan 9202 timeout 10
 call-forward night-service 8501
 night-service bell

- Assuming 8500 is the Front Desk number. As per the above configuration of ephone-dn during non night-service hours the call was forward to the 9201 and 9202 when busy or no answer. 
- During night-service hours the call would be redirected to 8501 which could your Auto-Attendant number or it could be another destination. It could be pointing to a dial-peer which further points to your cell/home number. For example :- 

dial-peer voice 20 pots
 description == Security Room ==
 destination-pattern 8501
 port 1/1

- With the above configuration, the call will be sent to this dial-peer which is an Analog Phone in the security room.


  1. Hi,

    For some reason the night-service is not working.(call-forward all works fine)
    I have defined the night service (under telephony). For test reason, I just added Wed 14:00 16:00.

    I use call manager (ver 152)

    Do you have any idea what could be going wrong?

  2. Did you enable night-service-bell on ephone/dn? Also, check the CME clock and make sure that you are within the night-bell window.