Sunday, 26 August 2012

CME Call-Waiting and Callback

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows phone users to be alerted when they receive an incoming call while they are on another call. Also, the Calling Number details will be displayed on alerted phone.

Note: This feature is supported for SCCP and SIP phones

Important: Phone will be alerted using Call Waiting feature only if free channels are available. For example, single-line DN engaged in a call won't receive call waiting notification when new call arrives because no free channels are available.

When phone users answer a call-waiting call, their original call is automatically put on hold. If a phone user does not respond to a call-waiting notification, the call is forwarded as specified in the call-forward noan command or busy tone is played (this depends on ephone-dn configuration).

When a phone user initiates a call, he can disable receiving call waiting. This is achieved using Cancel Call Waiting (CCW) feature. A CCW softkey will be available for the user to enabled/disable Call Waiting. The softkey should be pressed before initiating the call and NOT during it.

Note: CCW feature is supported for SCCP phones in CME 8.0 and later. Also, its not supported for SIP phones. This feature is enabled for initiated calls and not received calls.

Configuration Template

ephone-dn dn-tag [dual-line]
 call-waiting beep [accept | generate]          !!!... Enables DN to accept Call-Waiting beeps as well as generates. To disable call-waiting, use the no form of the command
 call-waiting ring          !!!... Replace call waiting beep with ringtone BUT still beep accept command should be enabled
ephone-template template-tag
 softkeys seized {[CallBack] [Cfwdall] [CWOff] [Endcall] [Gpickup] [HLog] [MeetMe] [Pickup] [Redial]}
ephone phone-tag
 ephone-template template-tag
voice register pool pool-tag
 call-waiting          !!!... Enables call waiting
voice register global
 hold-alert timeout          !!!... Enables alerts when call is on hold and set the interval between alerts

Note: If the sofkey isn't explicitly defined in the template, it will be disabled. For this reason we have enabled all softkeys instead of CWOff ONLY.

Callback Busy Subscriber

  • Using this feature, the calling DN can request the CME system to initiate a callback to a busy or no-answer DN when its available.
  • Each called DN can have ONLY one callback pending request.
  • If a caller attempts to place a callback request on a number that already has a pending callback request, the caller hears a fast-busy tone.
  • If the called number has call forwarding enabled, the callback request is placed against the final destination number

No configuration is required for this feature. The caller can use callback softkey to initiate callback request. To display a list of phones that have pending callback requests, use the show ephone-dn callback command.

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