Sunday, 26 August 2012

CME Call Pickup

The call pickup feature allows you to retrieve ringing calls on another phone (SCCP or SIP). DNs are grouped in Pickup Groups and each DN can be member in one group ONLY. Accordingly here are the types of call pickup:

  1. Directed Call Pickup: Pickup explicit ringing extension whether in same group or different group.
  2. Group Pickup, Different Group: Pickup ringing extension in another group. In case more than one extension is ringing, pickup will select the longest ringing call first.
  3. Local Group Pickup: Pickup local group ringing extension. In case more than one extension is ringing, pickup will select the longest ringing call first.

Note: Phones outside the CME domain can't use pickup feature.

To understand how to initiate call pickup, here is an example:
Pickup softkeys will be appear on the supported phones automatically. In case disabled previously, you can enable them using the command softkeys idle.

When you invoke call pickup, CME triggers a call forward from the phone with the ringing extension to your phone. Because the call pickup for a ringing extension uses the call forwarding mechanism, the general restrictions and considerations that apply to forwarded calls (forward on no-answer) also apply to calls for pickup on ringing. This means that the max-redirects limit set under telephony-service may affect the call pickup feature.


Pickup group numbers can vary in length, but must have unique leading digits. For example, if you configure group number 17, you cannot also configure group number 177. Otherwise a pickup in group 17 is always triggered before the user can enter the final 7 for 177.

Configuration Template

 service directed-pickup [gpickup]
ephone-dn dn-tag [dual-line | octo-line]
 pickup-group group-number          !!!... This command can be applied to ephone-template as well
 pickup-call any-group          !!!... Enables this DN to pickup any call in any group
voice register dn dn-tag
 pickup-group group-number
 pickup-call any-group


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  2. hi

    i have SIP CME,can u help to configure to enable call pickup .i m using 7841 sip phone and 8945 sip phone.

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    1. Hello, find your question from some time ago, Were you able to make ir work ? Do you mind to tell me how?

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